5 Must Read Posts About Blogging #2

Welcome to the new series I launched last week. Each Friday I am going to share FIVE must read posts about blogging that I have read during the week and tell why I think they are important for you to read! The topics will include SEO, social media, online marketing, and more.  I will be sharing them on Friday so that hopefully you can take some time out during the weekend to read them. Here we go!

5 Must Read Posts About Blogging

1. How to Treat Your Business like a Business: The 5 Important Steps to Take by Think Creative Collective – Turning your blog into a business? Make sure to treat it like one. I will be honest, I need to do better at a few of these in my business. I will say that having a branded email (like glenneth@thevisibilitymethod.com a website branded email.  What steps would you add?

2. Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed: June 2017 by The Bloguettes – Social media seems to change on a daily basis. Here are a few new features you might have missed this month. Personally Twitter can stop changing its layout anytime. Just when I get used to it, it changes. AGAIN. Which platform should stop changing? What feature would you like to see on a particular platform?

3. How to Be a Great Guest Blogger by Melanie Green – Guest blogging can introduce you to an entirely new audience and these are fantastic tips for being a GREAT guest blogger. How you approach the blog owners is HUGE – definitely put a lot of thought into the email.  Looking for guest bloggers?  Reach out to your blogging friends and community first.

4. 10 Tips for Running Your Product Based Business as an Introvert by Think Creative Collective – First off, you will notice I LOVE the ladies over at Think Creative Collective. If you are not following them, I highly recommend you do. They also have a podcast called The Strategy Hour that I listen to regularly. Love these tips for those of us who are introverts! Yes, that’s me as well. One of the big takeaways from this article (for all of us) – don’t let likes and follower counts stress you out. It is not always about the numbers.

5. 6 Hacks That Will Improve Your Facebook Ads by Search Engine Journal – These are some of the best and most useful Facebook ad tips I have seen in a while. In fact, it makes me want to run out and create one immediately. If you do any Facebook advertising, read and save this article!

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Which of this week’s 5 must read posts about blogging did you like best?  Which social media platform is your favorite and what would you change about it? Do you run Facebook ads?  


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