5 Must Read Posts About Blogging #3

Finishing this post from the Atlanta airport.  Super excited to share about my mini-vacation to DC in some upcoming posts.

Welcome to the series I launched in June. Each Friday I am sharing FIVE must read posts about blogging that I have read during the week and tell why I think they are important for you to read! The topics will include SEO, social media, online marketing, and more.  I will be sharing them on Friday so that hopefully you can take some time out during the weekend to read them. Here we go!

5 Must Read Posts About Blogging

1. Emojis increase email open rates. Always curious to hear of ways to increase email open rates. Apparently, emojis may help with that. Interesting study. Definitely going to have to test this.  Have you ever used an emoji in your email subject?

Curious how to add emojis on a Mac?  Check out these easy instructions I found.

2. How to Edit Photos with Pixlr App I have this app but honestly have never used it. The author gives very clear step-by-step instructions (with photos) so I am anxious to give this one a try. What is your favorite photo editing app for your phone?

3. All You Need to Know About Snapchat’s Latest Updates Snapchat beat Instagram by giving ALL USERS the ability to link to a site, not just verified users or those with huge accounts (like IG). I also love the new on demand geofilters. Do you use Snapchat? Why or why not?

4. Why I Am Closing My FREE Facebook Group (Even though it has 70,000 members) If you are a member of the Online Business BFFs Facebook, you have certainly heard about this. What an uproar. Read Melyssa’s explanation in her blog post.  Remember – when you are blogging for business, you really only OWN two things – your website and your email list.  Anything else you are a part of – whether a Facebook group like Melyssa’s or a social media platform like Instagram – is not yours and could truly go away at any moment.

5. The 12 Simple Rules For Successful Content Marketing Key point in here to me is optimize your content for mobile. Everything you do on your website you should look at see – how does this translate to mobile. Go check it out on your phone before/after publishing and make tweaks as needed.

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Which of this week’s 5 must read posts about blogging did you like best?  Which emoji would you use in an email subject line?  Share some thoughts below.  


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3 years ago

I think the emoji in subject line is interesting. I don’t think I would open an email more just because it has emoji’s in it but I am sure there is a certain demographic that would. Thanks for sharing!

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