5 Must Read Posts About Blogging #4

Have you check out my D.C. post? Talks about D.C. by the numbers, bucket list items I crossed off, and things I learned while there. I hope to have the photos up in the next week (I took over 600 photos and it is taking me a while to sort through them).

In case you are new, welcome to the series I launched in June. Each Friday I am sharing FIVE must read posts about blogging that I have read during the week and tell why I think they are important for you to read! The topics will include SEO, social media, online marketing, and more.  I will be sharing them on Friday so that hopefully you can take some time out during the weekend to read them. Here we go!

5 Must Read Posts About Blogging

1. How To Use Time Blocking for a More Productive Day – Have you heard of time blocking? It is a great way to manage your days/weeks. Love these tips from Jill. I have been making an effort this week to truly use (and stick to) my time blocks.

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2. 4 Simple Tips to Get Traffic From Instagram to Your Website – I don’t know about you, but I struggle to get people from my Instagram account to my website. Here are 4 great tips to help. Which one(s) will you try? What’s your best tip for getting traffic from Instagram?

3. How to Generate 750+ Blog Posts in An Hour – Needing some blog ideas? Here is how to generate over 750 ideas. Once you are done with that, generate me some more time to write them!

4. The Anatomy of an Irresistible Checklist or Worksheet – This is a great post on creating checklists and worksheets. A tip I have learned (from being a consumer and creator) – limit the colors – especially if it is something people will want to print. No one wants an ink intensive multipage (or even single page) document.

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5. The Best Email Tools for Small Businesses – These are some super cool email tricks. I had only heard about Boomerang. The Streak feature sounds pretty interesting. Have you heard/tried any of these?

Which of this week’s 5 must read posts about blogging did you like best?  How do you drive traffic from Instagram to your website? What email tracking tools do you use?  Come visit my SEO & Online Marketing Facebook group and share your thoughts!  

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