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Lobster Tips & Tricks – Chesapeake’s

Lobster Tips & Tricks – Chesapeake’s

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I love Chesapeake's here in Knoxville. They are truly the best seafood place in our town. I have blogged about our fabulous New Year's Eve dinners in the past: New Year's Eve Seafood Dinner A Fabulous New Year's Eve Back on November 26th, I sent the following tweet to Chesapeake's: https://twitter.com/LetsTalkAndWalk/status/405402013577777152 They responded by inviting me back into...

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Top 10 Social Slam Tweets for Bloggers

Top 10 Social Slam Tweets for Bloggers

As I mentioned yesterday, I was at the Social Slam conference all day. I have many ideas for blogs (both for here and my work blog), but I wanted to share the Top 10 Social Slam Tweets for Bloggers that I came away with: https://twitter.com/SMopenkitchen/status/320167723638353920 https://twitter.com/chandlerlennon/status/320196837371957250 https://twitter.com/martinixmommy/status/320198301771239425 https://twitter.com/HeatherRipley/status/320199910039363584 https://twitter.com/trishnet/status/320200213686013952 https://twitter.com/LaceyWash/status/320233427959959552 https://twitter.com/shaystrode/status/320234552717107201 https://twitter.com/kebinkley/status/320235993791873025 https://twitter.com/hollywoodslinky/status/320248652029378560 https://twitter.com/HeatherRipley/status/320271332287844354 If someone were starting a blog today, what tip would you give them? I am off...

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