Folly Beach Food & Drinks

Hello! This is the first of three posts I will do about my beach vacation to Folly Beach. First up – food & drinks (of course). You will notice a lot of “adult” drinks (I typically don’t drink) and a LOT of food. I was not carb cycling at all during this trip, logging calories, or “watching what I ate.” I was eating strictly for fun and pleasure. I do start my next six week round of Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting on Monday the 23rd.

Folly Beach Food & Drinks

Okay! Let’s head to the beach! Mom and I always do a picnic lunch to save time (and money) on the way down. Mom brought our favorite chicken salad, some sandwich thins and chips. We used paper towels as placemats and ate outside at a rest area in South Carolina!


I brought some amazing cookies from the Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company. If you are in Knoxville or Nashville, be sure to check them out!


One of our favorite parts about the Tides Hotel is the Blu bar on the pool deck. Isn’t this a cute little bar? I managed to catch it without any people (so it was probably one morning). Around 11 they start lining up for drinks.


Their frozen drinks and specialty drinks. All are about $9 each. They also have beer and cocktails. This is an extremely popular bar as I think it is the only one on the beach. There are signs saying “no alcohol on the beach” but people pretty much ignored it.


My favorite drink is the Folly Vice. Hands down the best. I had it last year and it was the first drink I tried again this year. What’s in a Folly Vice? Rum, pina colada, and strawberry mix. I might have to figure out how to recreate this at home. Great drink + great view = perfection!


Second up was a Mai Tai (another of my favorite drinks). You really have to drink fairly quickly or your drink will melt in the heat.


Mom and I had checked in and were just chillin’ by the pool. Thankfully we had fantastic weather our whole trip except for about two hours.


My final drink of day 1 was the Dirty Banana. It was my least favorite of the three. Just not enough flavor.

Our first dinner was at Lochlear’s Beach City Grill which is right on the pier at Folly Beach. Mom and I split 3 appetizers – their shrimp and crab dip (which is the best I have ever had), their hushpuppies (also amazing), and their crab cakes (which they could take some lessons from Chesapeake’s). We actually ate every lunch and dinner while on vacation outside. It was so pleasant.


There is a coffee shop called Roasted in the hotel. It really is just a mini Starbucks. I had an iced chai tea latte the first morning. It was missing something though – didn’t taste “spicy” enough if that makes sense. So, I didn’t have those anymore.


We always lunch at Blu so we can stay in our swim suits and see the ocean. First lunch I had their hummus (it was okay) . . .


And this fabulous wedge salad.


We actually ate at the Folly Beach Crab Shack twice while we were there. They have excellent food and a great atmosphere. Our first server was fantastic, the second needed much more training.


While they are a crab shack, I had grilled shrimp and scallops both times. They were AMAZING. Seriously some of the best grilled seafood I have ever had.


My sweet tooth was in full force that night so I finished with another Folly Vice and . . .


this amazing dessert – Warm Hazelnut Napolean.


Isn’t that gorgeous???? It was truly delicious. Every single bite!


Brought my own breakfast one morning – a pumpkin muffin and some orange juice! By the pool!


The next drink I had was as Rita’s Seaside Grill. They had a fabulous patio, but the drink was just so-so. Mine was the Jolly Rancher Crush. I will say that it did taste like a Jolly Rancher.



Mom and I shared a trio of dips for the appetizer. Salsa, queso, and guac.


Hard to tell but this is a crab cake burger. Good, but not the best I have ever had – that goes to Cherokee Grill in Gatlinburg (Chesapeake’s sister restaurant).


Another Folly Vice while admiring the ocean.


We always hit up the Lost Dog Cafe while we are in Folly Beach. The best breakfast in town. This biscuit and gravy? Hands down the best I have ever had. And this was the “side” portion. And, of course, bacon.


A caramel frappuccino to chill off on a hot sunny day! Seriously nothing better!


And, another wedge salad, this one with grilled shrimp for lunch!


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What’s your favorite food or drink to consume while on vacation?



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Amy Lauren
4 years ago

I live in Charleston, and near Folly, so I loved reading your post and seeing pictures of the beach I go to as well as places familiar to me. I’ve been to the Blu bar quite a few times myself and did a race that started from that hotel! Folly is a great beach and has some delicious food- I usually go to the Taco Boy but have tried a few places out there. You’ve given me some more ideas too. Looks like you had a fun trip over all, and way to go for cutting loose and just eating… Read more »

Becki @ Fighting for Wellness

THIS looks like a vacation I need to take! How terrible you have to finish your drinks quickly so the ice doesn’t melt (she said sarcastically). 😀 The food looks amazing and I need some of that shrimp and crab dip in my life.

4 years ago

Those little balls (fried?) looks yum!

Abby @BackatSquareZero

I have loved seeing all your pictures.
Do you ever venture in to see downtown historic Charleston while you are out at Folly?

Christina Bauer
4 years ago

Looks like a lot of good eats!


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Giselle Rochford
4 years ago

I’m usually not picky about what I eat on vacation as long as I get to try something new at least once 🙂
p.s. Those drinks are making me long for patio season!


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[…] is the third and final of my Folly Beach blog posts for the year. In the first one, I shared my food and drink. The second one was fun and my beach outfits. This one is photos (and […]


[…] my first Folly Beach post, I shared our food and drinks. In this one, some selfies, toes in the sand, and outfits. We only […]

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