fbpx 3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Google Ads Course

3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Google Ads Course

You’ve done organic marketing. You’ve done Facebook Ads. But, now you’re wondering if Google Ads are the next step in getting your business visible.

Of course, you could hire someone who is Google Ads Certified to get your Google Ads up and running, but you want to make sure you don’t have a blindspot in your business and know how important it is for you to understand the ins and outs of Google Ads for yourself.

But, how do you go about learning Google Ads? How do you know what data you’re supposed to look for and if they’re actually performing well? How do you go about getting started without throwing spaghetti (or your money) at the wall, just hoping something will stick.

If you’re ready to get started with Google Ads, investing in a Google Ads course for your business is the next best move!

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Here are 3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Google Ads Course

1. You’ll Be Learning from an Expert

Taking a course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from someone with experience. Especially if you’re just starting out with Google Ads, learning from someone who has gone through the trial and error to figure this all out is powerful. You’ll be able to save time and energy by going directly to proven strategies that will give you the best results. 

The Visible Ads Method was developed with the strategies I used for my Google Ads clients. In the 9 years that I’ve been Google Ads Certified, I’ve handled over $1,000,000 in ad spend and helped dozens of customers grow their business through Google Ads. Not only that, but I’ve managed accounts of all shapes and sizes: from a local fitness studio here in Knoxville to a multi-million-dollar health care call center.

In the nearly decade I’ve been managing Google Ads, all my clients have seen results and gained new business with Google Ads. The Visibility Method and my strategies have helped so many businesses grow, connect with new clients, and increase their ROI and revenue.

2. You Can Learn at Your Own Pace

I get it… you’re super busy. You have your clients to worry about, as well as all the backend work that comes with running a business.

But, you also know that advertising is important for you to keep clients coming in regularly.

Investing in a Google Ads course, like The Visible Ads Method, has the benefit of doing it all at your own pace. You can go through the course in just a few hours and have your ads up and running tomorrow! But, if you need to take your time (because you know that running a business on top of living your life can be crazy at times), you can do that too.

It’s all at your own pace in your own time, so learn as quickly or as slowly as you want – and still have support along the way!

3. You’ll Be Saving Valuable Time AND Money

If you’ve ever tried out a new strategy, you know just how much time it takes to get it all figured out. It might take weeks or months just to finally get the strategy to work – not to mention the money you might spend just to get it set up the way you want and working properly.

What’s even more frustrating is to try out advertising strategies without knowing for sure what will work, costing you not just time, but money as well. Whether you’re currently paying money for ads that don’t get you qualified leads, running passive Facebook ads hoping you show up for the right people, or even waiting months to show up in search results organically, something might be missing. 

By investing in a Google Ads course, you’ll have practical and proven strategies from an expert that will save you time getting your ads setup. You’ll also save money because you’ll have that expert advice to help you get started, without the upfront costs of having them do the ads for you.

If you’re wondering if a Google Ads course is right for you, keep in mind the 3 reasons above – especially if you’re interested in making valuable use of your time and money. By taking a Google Ads course, like The Visibility Ads Method, you’ll be able to start getting qualified leads into your funnel, new customers through your doors, and more money in your pocket.

Download The Visibility Workbook and let’s get you started with Google Ads the right way!

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