3 Good Reasons You Need to Take a Google Ads Course

When you are ready to start and grow your business, focusing on marketing your website is so important. But how do you go about learning things like advertising when there’s so much content out there? Taking a Google Ads course is the best way to learn all that you need to know about Google Ads. 

In today’s blog post, you’ll learn why Google Ads is such an incredible resource for your business. Plus, the reasons why you should take a Google Ads course for your business! 

3-Good-Reasons-You-Need to Take-a-Google-Ads-Course

Why Should You Focus on Google Ads? 

Google Ads is a powerful tool for marketing your business. One reason is that it’s a form of “active advertising.” This means that your ads are shown to the right customers or clients where they are already looking for products/services like yours — right when they are looking. Other types of advertising, like Facebook and Instagram, are forms of “passive advertising.” This means that you will have to try to capture the attention of someone when they are not already in the process of looking for what you offer.

When your ads are targeted, they are shown to people already demonstrating a specific level of interest in your products or services. Once you select appropriate, relevant, and high-traffic keywords, you’re able to connect with an audience that’s more likely to click on an ad that’s relevant to those keywords they are searching for! 

With Google Ads, you’re also able to control your costs and how you spend your money. This type of advertising is less expensive than Facebook ads. With no minimums, you can choose specifically how much you want to spend per month, per day, and per ad. Want to know the best part of this advertising feature, though? You only pay when someone clicks your ad! 

Google Ads also has highly measurable success metrics. You’ll know if someone clicked your ad, as well as if someone clicked and took an action connected to your business. You’re also able to compare how different ads are doing. This lets you invest your valuable resources back into the ads that are doing well, boosting your overall ROI. Plus, you can view important customer data that helps you target the right people in the most effective way. 

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3 Reasons to Take a Google Ads Course

Google Ads are incredible for marketing your business, reaching more customers and clients, and positioning yourself for increased sales. 

However, it’s important to invest in your education in Google Ads. There’s a lot to learn, and having a reliable, trusted source is essential. When you invest in a Google Ads course, you can make sure you create effective ads and fully understand how to use the platform. This means you won’t waste time or money! And you’ll actually be able to get a good ROI from using Google Ads. 

Here are some of the most important reasons to take a Google Ads course. 

Google Ads is Powerful—Especially When You Learn from Someone Experienced

Taking a course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from someone with experience. This is powerful—you’ll skip the trial and error that someone else has gone through, and instead start with strategies and knowledge that have been proven to work. 

I developed my course, The Visible Ads Method, using the strategies I myself use for my Google Ads clients. After 9 years in business, I’ve handled over $1,000,000 in ad spend and helped dozens of customers grow their businesses through Google Ads. 

I’ve managed accounts for all types of businesses, from a local fitness studio to a multi-million-dollar health care call center. In nearly a decade of managing Google Ads, I’ve never had a client NOT gain business from their ads. This course, and my strategies, have helped so many people grow their businesses, connect with clients, and increase ROI and sales. 

You Can Choose a Self-Paced Course

Let’s face it: business owners are busy. There’s nothing more stressful than adding education on a complex topic to your never-ending list of to-do. When you’re choosing a course, make sure to choose a self-paced one. 

The Visible Ads Method is a self-guided course, so you can go at whatever pace works for you. If you have time, it’s totally doable to get your first Google Ad up and running in just one day! A benefit of courses is that you can educate yourself and implement on your own schedule.

A Course Will Help You Overcome Current Barriers

Unfortunately, besides the time constraints that accompany being a business owner, we also face marketing costs. 

It’s frustrating to try out different advertising strategies without knowing for sure what will work—it costs you time and money. Whether you’re currently paying money for ads that don’t get you qualified leads, running passive Facebook ads hoping you show up for the right people, or even waiting months to show up in search results organically, something might be missing. 

A course helps you navigate Google Ads with ease. It builds on practical strategies, proven tips, and personal assistance to help you get started and be successful. 

With a solid Google Ads course, you’ll be able to start getting qualified leads into your funnel, new customers through your doors, and more money in your pocket. 

Choosing to invest in your education, especially with a tool as powerful as Google Ads, is a wise choice for any business owner. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to uplevel your business with a new marketing strategy, Google Ads is right for you, and a course like The Visible Ads Method will support you in finding success. 


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