Learn the steps you need to get ranked higher on Google.com to get more traffic to your site and clients for your business.


Here’s what’s covered in this checklist:

  • The three most important steps you should do BEFORE starting to write your blog post.
  • The eight steps you should complete BEFORE hitting publish so that your post won’t be buried on the 80th page of Google.
  • The single most important thing you should do AFTER you hit publish.
  • Items to consider to make sure your post has the BEST chance to rank as HIGH as possible.

“Glenneth does an amazing job of uncomplicating SEO. Her keyword research training provides a step-by-step blueprint to help you optimize your articles, recipes and photos. It’s nice to know that after hours of content creation, I can rest assured that I have done my part to help it rank well in Google.”

~Jennifer Hunt, RDN, LD at Healthy Inspiration

Jennifer H

After optimizing 5 posts on a client’s site . . .

Their organic traffic increased 76 percent!!!

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