Amy M.

I truly can not say enough good things about working with Glenneth! I have been running my online business for almost 5 years now and knew that Google Ads was my missing piece. But every time I spoke to someone about running my google ads for me, they wanted to charge over $2,000 up front and $1000 – $1500/mo to monitor them. I had never done google ads, and wasn’t planning on spending that much each month on ads to start – never the less in fees!

Glenneth’s rates are reasonable. She is VERY knowledgeable. She takes the time to truly understand what you are promoting – and how TO promote – AND how NOT TO promote it! As such, she has saved me tons of money in ad spend by being efficient and only marketing to my true ideal client. Before Glenneth, I would have one to two consultation calls with my ideal client per month. Now I’m having three a week. Nothing I have ever done has been as effective as this in selling my one on one services, and Glenneth has made it easy, fun and REALLY profitable! This is the best addition I’ve done to my business in the past two to three years. I now refer her confidently to my family, my friends, and my clients! She is amazing!!!

—-Amy Mewborn, AmyMewborn.com

Amy M.

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