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The Visibility Method

Have you ever poured so much time and energy into creating the perfect piece of content only to find it's not getting the amount of traffic you want? Are you sharing it over and over again? Trying to reach customers to make your business flourish? I know how it feels. And I have the answer.

The answer is in being visible online. This three-part method consists of organic search traffic, paid advertising, and social media outreach. 

Why is Visibility Important?

Visibility is important because, in a sea of constant advertising and social media posts, your business can easily get lost in the flood. There are three areas to concentrate on.

#1 – Organic 

The organic part of the Visibility Method focuses on SEO and driving traffic to your business naturally through search engines. Organic visibility (free traffic) brings interested leads to your website naturally.


There are a lot of benefits to using organic SEO to gain visibility. I’ll share a few here.

  • Keeping your SEO up to date and relevant can get you “passive income.” Although passive income comes with a lot of hard work upfront, letting search engines drive traffic to your site lets you stop actively working more.
  • SEO is here for the long-term. So while it may be several months before you start seeing results, the longer you put off doing SEO, the longer it will take you to rank at the top of a search results page.

Being at the top of a search results page is social proof in itself because people will trust that you know what you’re talking about if Google puts you on the first page.

SEO Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It consists of criteria and methods used by search engines to determine the order of search results. This can be from your website and your content. Some factors include:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Content length
  • Backlinks
  • Page speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Keyword density

There are over 100 billion searches on Google every month. Chances are people searching for your products and services. Optimizing your website and content can help bring those people to you organically.

SEO is the cheapest and most effective way to reach your audience. SEO is free. All it takes is time and energy to optimize your business for search engines. You can go back and optimize old content too.

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The algorithms continue to change as Google improves its method, so you have to be prepared to continually learn, apply and update your business as time moves forward.

You can do this by monitoring how you’re ranking for your keywords and hiring someone to help you with SEO.

#2 – Paid 

Paid advertising is the second part of the Visibility Method. Paid ads get your business in front of your target audience immediately without waiting to rank up or gain followers. Sometimes paid advertising is called pay per click.  This is a great way to attract new customers quickly.  


There are a lot of benefits to using paid ads to gain visibility. I’ll share a few here.

  • Using ads can be very cost-effective. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • You can utilize geographic targeting. This means you can choose to show your ad to people in certain locations.
  • Paid ads can run 24/7. So, you can attract people to your site while you’re sleeping. How’s that for magic?

Another benefit is that your website can show up at the top of the search results (under paid ads) even if you’re not ranking for those keywords that you are advertising for. And ads come with analytics to show data about the people interacting with your ads and to help you fine-tune your campaigns to convert better.


The costs of using ads depend on your goals, budget, and the advertising platforms you choose. Running ads can cost as little as $1 a day and go up depending on your marketing budget.  I highly recommend you set aside $10/day for ad spend when you are ready to start paid advertising.  

Google Ads

Formally Google AdWords, Google Ads gets your advertisement to appear in search results at google.com. These ads appear at the top of the search page to drive users to click on them before the organic search results. 

It is important to hire a professional to set up and manage your campaigns. You can waste a lot of money if not set up properly. Google certifies people like myself each year by having us take and pass exams. 

Social Media Ads

Almost all social media networks allow you to create ads or to spend money to promote your posts to a wider audience. This gives you the same benefits as using Google Ads, but instead of a search engine, you can take your ads to the place where your audience hangs out.

There’s no best platform to post your ads. You have to pick the best one for your niche and audience.

#3 – Social Media

Social media is the third part of the Visibility Method. Having a social media prescence is crucial for reaching your ideal audience. The majority of people spend some of their time on a social media platform.  Figuring out where your ideal audience hangs out is key to knowing which social media platform to concentrate on.  It’s another way to find a person who needs your services.


There are a lot of benefits to using social media to gain visibility. I’ll share a few here. 

  • Using social media can increase brand awareness. Liking, sharing, retweeting, direct messaging and reposting gets your content and message in front of more people through word of mouth. Investing in social media can increase your exposure.
  • Using social media can increase your inbound traffic. With all that extra exposure you’re getting, your inbound traffic will increase as more people find your content interesting.
  • Social media can help improve your SEO. Without extra effort, posts on social media can rank high in Google causing your content to be in front of even more potential clients.

By engaging with your audience and making a good impression, your conversion rates will be higher. People are more likely to convert when they see your authority and credibility displayed on social media.


The best thing about utilizing social media to gain visibility is that it is free. There may be 3rd party tools you will want to look at and depending on the tool there may be a fee, but using social media websites by themselves is free.

Social Media Platforms Include:


Facebook is the largest social media network and currently has over 1 billion users. That's a lot of potential clients.


Instagram is a platform focused around photos and videos.  Instagram can help your visibility because Instagram is highly visual and engaging. Instagram is rapidly growing and changing.


Linkedin is meant for business owners, professionals, job hunters, and college students.  Linkedin should be a part of your visibility plan because it is a unique social media network with a specific niche — business, recruiting and job networking.


Twitter is a microblogging social media network. Users are limited to 280 or fewer characters per post. Businesses can post short updates, announcements and attach content to link followers back to their websites. Twitter is good for visibility because it allows businesses to quickly connect with customers. They can respond to complaints and questions right away.


YouTube is the second largest search engine. Its videos show up in Google's search results and millions rely on YouTube, itself, to get answers to their questions. Being on YouTube and engaging through video helps build your authority, credibility, and trust. Connecting through video is more engaging especially if viewers can see a face behind the business.


Pinterest is another visual social media network. Users use Pinterest to share images that represent projects, blog posts, services, and products. These images are called pins. Pins are displayed as a giant bulletin board with designs competing to catch the user’s eye. Once a pin is clicked, the user can then be directed to the pin’s website.

The Visibility Method

The Visibility Method consists of three main parts: organic, paid, and social. However, you don’t need to utilize all three methods to succeed. You can choose just one, two or all three to help your online visibility.
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