Why Bloggers Should Focus On SEO

As a blogger do you concentrate solely on social media and skip SEO? SEO (or search engine optimization) is something bloggers often hear about, but maybe don’t pay a lot of attention to. Today I will share with you 5 reasons why bloggers should focus on SEO.

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Many bloggers may react to talk of “optimizing for Google” or “analyzing keywords” with a balking, dismissive reaction. The attitude of these bloggers is, “I don’t need to worry about that tech stuff. That’s for people who own e-commerce stores and businesses. All I need to do is produce high-quality content and post frequently. The readers will find me.”

These bloggers were correct… a decade ago. Today, the blogging landscape is full of literally millions of blogs; some active, some not, some successful, some not. Either way, no matter what your niche is, you have competition. In the good old days, you could absolutely just hammer out high-quality content and just be patient until readers found you. Today, not so much.

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Focus On SEO

1. To help you find more readers. If you want to turn your passion project into a career, then you simply need to get more readers. Readers are the ones who click your ads; they’re the ones who raise your daily page views so you can, in turn, show that information to potential sponsors and get a better deal. Readers are the ones who will buy your products and services.  Having a blog post that is highly optimized will increase your rankings in search results and bring more organic (FREE) traffic to your site.

2. Over 100 BILLION searches on Google every MONTH.. With over 100 BILLION searches on Google every month, chances are 100s or even thousands (or maybe millions) are searching for the product/service you offer. If you don’t optimize your blog, chances are your competition will. And they will show up when the searches are performed.  People perform searches multiple times a time from their phones and computers.  If your blog post is not optimized, you have very little chance of showing up when they are searching for the topic you are talking about.

3. It’s easy to do.With plugins like Yoast and All-In-On SEO, optimizing each blog post is super simple to do. Add optimizing your post to your blog checklist and it will become second nature.  Be sure and download my FREE SEO Checklist.

4. Learn from SEO analytics. Assuming you have Google Analytics installed (and if not, stop right now and install it), you can learn a wealth of information from Google Analytics about your searchers. Learn where they are from, what device they used, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on your site, and more. You can then utilize this information to modify your navigation, sales funnels, opt-ins, etc.  Need more help with Google Analytics?   I have you covered.  Sign up for my FREE 7 Day Workshop – SEO & Analytics Made Easy.

5. SEO is CHEAP! SEO is relatively cheap (or in some instances FREE) compared to Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc. Install a plugin (most are free although some have pro versions for a relatively inexpensive price) and start optimizing. You can even go back and optimize old, evergreen content at any time.
The bottom line is this: If you want to raise your readership and turn your blog into a fulfilling, money-making business, then you must be running your blog in a way that is conscious of SEO. You must strategize ways to raise your blog’s ranking in search results. Otherwise, you will simply never find the audience you need to take your blog from a passion project to a successful business. It’s that simple.

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What questions do you have about blogging and SEO?


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3 years ago

I have Yoast CEO on my blog. It’s very helpful. I do have a hard time reading google analytics, I have yet to master that.

Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner

I do use Yoast and Co schedule to try to get my SEO in place. I know I could do a better job. Google Analytics is so confusing and I really don’t know what to look for at all


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