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You know how frustrating it is when you spend hours on a blog post only to have it not show up in search? As a blogger, I have been there many times, and it frustrated me. That’s why I created the services below.   Higher rankings equal more organic traffic which can lead to more viewers and more money for you.

SEO Consult Call: $97

A 30 minute 1:1 call with me to discuss how to improve your SEO, increase rankings and traffic. If you choose this option, you will get:

  • Your analytics and website reviewed and a checklist of items you can implement on your own to improve overall rankings.
  • Answers to any specific questions you have (in general or about a specific post(s)).

Please note that I can only take on a certain amount of clients per week (appointments are made in the order you sign up).

Done For You Google Analytics: $147

Do you want Google Analtyics done for you? If you choose this option, you will receive:

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console installed on your site (or verify it has been installed properly).
  • Sitemap submitted (or confirmed) through Google Search Console.
  • Instructions for installing a custom dashboard in your Google Analytics.
  • A quick video analyzing your current traffic.
  • A Google Sheets document of your top 25 most popular posts.
  • One old evergreen post optimized (you select which one).
  • A checklist to follow for all existing and current blog posts.

Note: I will require admin access to Google Analytics and your website.

Please note that I can only take on a certain amount of clients per week (appointments are made in the order you sign up).

Other Services: Custom Pricing

Have specific needs for your blog/business? I would be happy to provide you a custom quote. A few of the services I offer are:

  • SEO 1:1 Consulting
  • Onsite SEO Optimization
  • Blog Post Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Ads Account Creation & Management
  • Google Ads 1:1 Consulting
  • Branding Awareness Strategies
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Creation + Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Blog Content Creation + Management + Editing

Email me!  I would love to hop on a 15-minute discovery call to determine your needs and budget.  I will then create a custom proposal for your business.

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