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Image Optimization 101 Workshop

image optimization 101 workshop

Are you ready for a faster website that helps keep more potential customers on your site?

As a business owner, the last thing you probably want to do is worry about kilobytes, pixels, and filenames…

You want to focus on getting your business in front of new eyeballs – to get new clients.  


➔ Did you know that 83% of online users expect websites to load in 3 seconds or less?

➔ And 40% of consumers will abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Improving your website speed will help you keep those potential customers on your website so you can turn them into actual customers!

Let me guide you through the easiest and quickest ways to speed up your website and rank higher in search.

We're going to do this with image optimization. 

So you might be saying –  do I have to optimize my images?  Isn't there another way?  Well, yes and no. 

➔ You could pay a developer hundreds of dollars to possibly make some improvements (depending on your website platform). 

➔ Or you can buy this workshop for just $47 to improve your current site speed AND make sure you know how to load images properly in the future.  Your site will be faster now and stay fast moving forward with the tools you'll learn.

I am going to walk you through the things you really need to know about file sizes, naming files correctly for SEO, and a shortcut to having images that look great but are way smaller – keeping your site loading quickly.

We will go step-by-step in this easy-to-follow workshop.  I have also included some extra bonuses to help you be even more successful.  

The Image Optimization 101 Workshop is great for:

  • Business Owners who want to improve site performance to get new clients and increase revenue
  • Virtual Assistants who want to add a revenue stream to their current offerings
  • Website Designers/Developers who want to give extra value to their clients

This is for you – regardless of what platform your website is on and how many images you currently have.  

Click the buy now button below!

In the Image Optimization 101 Workshop . . .

You will learn:

  • Why image optimization is important
  • A way to check your site speed
  • What you really need to know about optimizing your website (the key things)
  • An easy way to determine which images are too large
  • A quick process to reduce the size of the large images
  • You'll learn how to improve SEO with file names

With Bonuses like:

  • a Spreadsheet to track your site speed improvements – concretely see the difference you make
  • the best way to delete images in WordPress
  • A Checklist to keep you focused on what will move the needle most – what action steps to prioritize

Whether you have 30 images or hundreds – I can help you forge a clear path to smaller images, a faster website and higher ranking on Google.

It's not your fault – no one told you this stuff!

Now you know better and I can help you do better – easily and quickly with awesome results. Buy Now.

Questions about the Image Optimization 101 Workshop?  Email glenneth@thevisibilitymethod.com.  

Please note: This is a one-time fee to access this course, including the recording(s) and anything that is placed in the modules in the future. This is not a recurring or monthly membership.