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How to Advertise on Google in 7 Easy Steps

Google Ads can be a hugely valuable service to utilize in your business. If you’ve never heard of Google Ads, it’s the advertising platform housed on Google. When you advertise on Google, you bid on specific keywords, and then your content is advertised in searches for those keywords.

If you’re looking to capitalize on the more than 5.6 billion Google searches happening every day (and hopefully make some of those searchers your customers), you can grow your audience and your conversion rates when you advertise on Google.

3 Reasons You Should Advertise on Google

When you advertise on Google, your business experiences so many benefits. Google will show your ads to the right customers or clients when they are looking for service providers or businesses like yours.

  1. You can highly target your ads. When your ads are targeted, they are shown to people already demonstrating a specific level of interest in your products or services. Once you select appropriate, relevant, and high-traffic keywords, you’re able to connect with an audience that’s more likely to click on an ad that’s relevant to those keywords they are searching for!
  2. With Google Ads, you’re able to control your costs and how you spend your money. With no minimums, you can choose specifically how much you want to spend per month, per day, and per ad. Want to know the best part of this advertising feature, though? You only pay when someone clicks your ad!
  3. The other huge reason that you should advertise on Google is that you’re able to measure all of your success metrics right within Google Ads. You’ll know if someone clicked your ad and if someone clicked and then took some action connected to your business. You can compare how your different ads are doing, which will let you invest your valuable resources back into the ads that are doing well, boosting your overall ROI. Through this part of Google Ads, you can also track important customer data to learn about your audience and their behavior online.

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7 Easy Steps to Advertise on Google

Choosing to advertise on Google is an amazing idea for your business. However, it can seem overwhelming to get started. These seven steps break down how to advertise on Google so that you can have the best results and the least stress.

Choose the Main Advertising Goal

The first step in advertising on Google is to choose the main goal for your advertising.

There are three options for this within Google AdWords:

  • Getting more calls for your business
  • Getting more website sales or sign-ups through customers or clients
  • Getting more visits to a physical store location.

Once you choose your goal, you’ll be able to move on and set up your campaign accordingly!

Enter Your Business Information

After choosing the main goal of your advertising, it’ll be time to enter all of your business information. Make sure to include the name and your website—this sounds self-explanatory, but sometimes people leave out basics that are absolutely essential to creating effective ads.

Select and Narrow Your Audience

Once you’ve entered all of your business information, you can focus on your audience. Clearly, one of the major advantages of advertising on Google is being able to target a specific audience.

At this point in the process, there will be a map on the Google Ads platform showing Google’s expected potential audience size, based on your website’s information. Then, you’ll have the option to set a specific radius for ads targeting or choose only specific areas for building your ad’s targeted audience.

Define Your Product or Service

Having a targeted audience is great, but next, you have to define your product or service so that your audience will know exactly what they are looking at if they are shown your ad.

When you’re setting this up, focus on your business category, products or services, and what language will most appeal to your target customer. Google will help you while you do this by providing some suggestions and giving you an estimated audience size.

Create and Customize Your Ad

After all of the initial setup and business information details have been completed, you can start developing your ad.

At this point, you’ll personalize your ad with specific headlines, a unique description, and custom images unique to your business. You can preview the ad and see what the ad will look like in real-time as you add or edit pieces of the ad’s content.

Choose Your Budget

As mentioned earlier, a huge benefit of using Google Ads is having complete control over your budget.

For new advertisers on Google, one advantage is the option to cancel your ad at any point—you do not have a set contract or length of advertising.

Google provides numerous recommendations for changes to your budget throughout the entire ad process by noticing what’s working best for you and what’s not performing as well. As a person advertising for the first time on Google, follow their recommended budget amount, which is between $10 and $50 per day. This will let you get comfortable with Google Ads for a relatively low investment while you start to see results and understand your metrics.

Review Your Ad and Enter Your Billing Information

It’s time to finish up the Google Ads process.

Now is the time when you’ll review your ad and make sure everything is exactly how you want it to be. Then, you’ll enter your billing information so that when your ad starts getting clicks, Google will be able to charge you seamlessly (but only once you start to have results).

At this point, your ad campaign is ready to go!

Now that you know why you should advertise on Google and how to do it in seven easy steps, you can get started.

Google Ads is a powerful tool for connecting you with new audience members, driving traffic to your website, and increasing conversions for customers or clients, depending on your business.

Google Ads does not have to be complicated, but it can create amazing results for your business whether you are a service-based or product-based business.

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