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Custom SEO Services

I’m happy to offer custom SEO services to suit your business’ unique needs. Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call below so we can discuss your business and goals. Once we've chatted and I know your goals and marketing budget, I’ll create a custom proposal for your business. Please note that pricing starts at $500/month with a 3-month commitment.

  • SEO 1:1 Consulting
  • Onsite SEO Optimization
  • Blog Post Optimization
  • Keyword Research
This client came to me with minimal organic traffic and a willingness to commit to the multiple months. When we started together in February 2020, she received 43 organic sessions. Over the course of almost 2 years, her organic traffic has increased by 500% which had her at 258 sessions in December 2021. This gradual yet consistent growth is what most clients can expect with ongoing monthly optimization.

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