fbpx Finding Your Most Popular Pages - The Visibility Method

Finding Your Most Popular Pages

Knowing your most popular pages will help you understand what is resonating with readers and help you determine which posts you should optimize.

Watch this video to see how to find your most popular pages.

The steps were:

From Google Analytics, set the date range you want to look at. I usually choose at least a 6 month window.

On the left-hand side, navigate to Behavior, Site Content, and All Pages.

Under the table, choose 25 or 50 for Show Rows.

Now you can see the 25 or 50 most popular pages on your site.

In order to use this information later, go ahead and export to a Google Sheet.


What does ‘/’ mean in my most popular posts? That is your home page. Typically that will be your most popular page unless you have a post that does tremendously well in search.