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Google Ads Account Creation & Management

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the perfect way to get in front of prospects who are ACTIVELY searching for the product or services you sell. Done correctly, you can see results almost immediately. Done incorrectly, you can waste your money. Let me help you. I am a Google Ads Certified Professional who has been creating and managing accounts for over 9 years. I handle thousands of dollars of client spend per month.

Benefits of doing Google Ads:

  • cost-effective – pay only when someone clicks on your ad
  • geographic targeting – target only those areas you are interested in
  • run ads 24/7 or only on the days and times it makes most sense for your business
  • remarket to people who have been on your site
  • show up at the top of search results – even if you are not appearing organically
  • determine your daily budget and the maximum cost per click you will spend
  • Google Ads is measurable and provides the information needed to fine-tune your campaigns

Google Ads Management by The Visibility Method is for you, if . . .:

  • You want to save money by spending your ad dollars efficiently and marketing to your true ideal client.
  • You want to save time by having a Google Ads Certified Professional manage your current campaigns
  • You want the best possible return for your investment
  • You need to new leads coming into your business immediately

Search campaign creation starts at $500 and monthly management fees start at $300 per month with a 3-month minimum commitment.

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