fbpx Buying Intent Keywords - What They Are & Why You Need Them

Buying Intent Keywords: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

Most people know that they need to identify and incorporate keywords as part of their digital marketing and Google Ads strategies. Many people are unaware, however, that there are different types of keywords that serve unique purposes. Today we are going to talk about buying intent keywords.
The buying process typically follows a pattern. First, the potential customer identifies a problem or pain point that they want to solve. Next, they conduct research about potential solutions, ultimately compare those solutions, and select the one they want to purchase.
buying intent keywords
Most internet searches begin with research intent keywords. These words, typically used at the very beginning of the buying process, help the web visitor gather information about the problem they are trying to solve, the product or service they are interested in purchasing, or both.
Buying intent keywords are used later in the process after the searcher has already identified the problem and gathered information about what they want to purchase to solve it. At this point, visitors will switch from research-based keyword searches to ones that indicate that the potential customer is ready to buy. For example, a search may begin with the question “How do I fix broken window” and then transition into “best window prices” or “fast window installation.”

How to identify the right buying intent keywords

In the final stage of the buying process, users start narrowing down solutions so that they can choose the one they will ultimately purchase. To ensure that your product or service is offered front-and-center as one of those choices, you need to make sure you have the right buying intent keywords in place. An easy way to hone your list is through a keyword tool to determine how often certain words are searched and how those searches are changing over time. You can also explore keywords that your competitors are using.
Focus on words like “price” or “compare” or “shop” as you brainstorm and define your list. The end goal is to balance your research keywords with those that signal the intent to purchase, so your target audience has visibility to your products and services throughout every stage of the buying process.

Why does it matter to your Google Ads strategy?

Some marketers make the mistake of thinking that exposure is enough to ensure that web visitors will purchase. By casting a wide net and hoping to attract the right audience, you are far more likely to exhaust your daily ad budget through clicks from users who don’t make a purchase. Remember: if a user who is simply searching for information clicks on your add without the intent of purchasing your product or service, you are still charged for each click.

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By using buyer intent keywords, you attract visitors in the right stage of the buying process at the right time. As a bonus, visitors further down the sales funnel are more likely to convert and reduce wasted spending on ad budget, delivering a greater return on your investment.
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— Glenneth
What are intent keywords and why do you need to buy them? Learn to make your Google Ads campaign even better.

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