fbpx What Google Ads Bidding Strategy Should You Use?

What Google Ads Bidding Strategy Should You Use?

Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your business. It helps boost your search rankings and connect you with new customers. Plus, it promotes your business and products without spending tons of money! When you’re developing a marketing strategy, learning what Google Ads bidding strategy to use might feel overwhelming. 
In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Google Ads bidding techniques. 
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What is a Google Ads Bidding Strategy?

With Google Ads, there are a number of different bid strategies you can try, each one highly tailored to a different type of campaign. 
Depending on your marketing goals, you should select different bidding strategies. Whether you want to focus on getting clicks, views, conversions, or impressions, your goals help drive the best strategy to select when bidding for a campaign. 
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How to Choose Which Google Ads Bidding Strategy to Use

Each bidding strategy is tailored to different types of campaigns and marketing goals. You should be aware of each strategy so that you can effectively utilize Google Ads for your business. 
Here are a few different types of goals you may want to consider when thinking about Google Ads bidding strategies:

  1. Conversions: If your goal is for customers to actually take a specific action on your website, and you’re planning to use conversion metrics to track your campaign, you should focus on conversions when bidding.
  2. Website Traffic: If you want to generate more clicks to your site, having a goal of more website traffic could be for you.
  3. Brand Awareness: If you want to increase the awareness and recognition of your brand, brand awareness may be your ideal goal.
  4. Views and Interactions: If you want more views of and interactions with your video ads, there’s a special Google Ads bidding strategy for this, too.

4 Types of Google Ads Bidding Strategies

There is at least one Google Ads bidding strategy for each different type of goal that you may have! So depending on which goal you decided on above, there are a few options for which strategy will work best for you. 
Familiarize yourself with these bidding strategies so that you can make the best decisions for your unique marketing goals. 

Smart Bidding

When you’re going to focus on conversions as a goal, consider using Smart Bidding. This is an awesome Google Ads feature that helps take some of the stress away from setting bids! 
Smart Bidding, an automated bid strategy set, uses machine learning to optimize bids around conversions (or conversion value) during each auction. During this “auction-time bidding,” Smart Bidding uses signals like location, time of day, device, language, and even operating systems to capture the unique contexts surrounding different searches. 
There are actually five types of Smart Bidding strategies to use when setting up your Google Ads campaign: 

  • Cost per action (CPA)
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Maximize conversions using your entire budget
  • Maximize conversion value using your entire budget
  • Enhanced cost per click (ECPC) to automatically adjust manual bids and maximize conversions

Each of these Smart Bidding strategies helps you tailor your bidding strategy to your overall budget and marketing goals.


If your marketing goal is to gain clicks and generate website traffic, you should utilize a cost-per-click Google Ads bidding strategy. There are actually two ways to do this.
First, you can focus on maximizing clicks using an automated bid strategy. This is the simplest way to focus your bidding on clicks. To do this, set an average daily budget. The system will automatically manage your bids to help bring you the most clicks within that budget. 
The other option is to focus on manual cost per click bidding. You would use this strategy yourself by setting different maximum CPC bids for each ad group in your campaign or even individual keywords or ad placements. This is the strategy I recommend, because you know your business better than Google! It allows you to determine just how much you are willing to spend on each keyword. That amount should be based on the goals you have for your business
Once you’ve found that particular placements or keywords are more effective for your business, you can use that manual bidding strategy and allocate more of your total ad budget for those. 


Visibility is always important when you’re building out a marketing strategy, especially with Google Ads. There are ways to focus on visibility with the bidding strategy you choose. 
You can target impression share. This will automatically set your bids with the main goal of showing your ad at the top of the page or somewhere on the Google search results page. 
Another bidding strategy for visibility is paying based on the number of impressions (times your ads are shown to people), either on YouTube or Google. Alternatively, you can set an average budget for every thousand impressions. Google’s system will automatically optimize your campaigns to maximize reach within your budget. 

Video Ad Views & Interactions

There’s also a special Google Ads bidding strategy just for increasing views of and interactions with your video ads. Called CPV bidding, with this strategy, you pay for video views and other video interactions, like clicks on call-to-action reminders. 
To set up this bidding strategy, you’ll just need to enter the maximum price you’re willing to pay for a view while setting up your video campaign on TrueView. 
To make the most of your advertising goals, you need to select an effective Google Ads bidding strategy. It may seem overwhelming to learn everything there is to know about Google Ads. But you don’t have to do it alone! 

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