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Google Is The Best Place for Research

A little about me – I am Google AdWords Certified. It is what I do for the majority of my full-time job. However, I never recommend Google’s keyword planner. Why? Because Google.com itself is the best place to do research. Watch the short video and see what I mean.

Strength training is a great keyword/phrase. However, just think of the number of sites and blogs that try to rank for that term (over 45 million to be more specific). You need to be more specific with your keyword/phrase.

Today’s assignment:

Try out a couple of keywords/phrases that you want to rank for in the Google search bar. How many pages does Google show? What suggestions related to your phrase does Google show at the bottom of the search results?

Throughout your day as you go to Google to search for anything, write down the phrases you type in. Did you find what you were looking for?

Research some blog posts titles that:

  • are on your list of top 25 most popular pages
  • blog posts in the works
  • blog ideas you have

Helpful Hint:

When thinking about your posts, remember that some of the most popular “types” of posts are:

  • Versus: color run vs color me rad
  • How to: How to get toned arms for summer
  • Lists: 10 Ways to Add More Protein In Your Diet
  • Reviews: Nikon D5300: A Review