How to Use Pretty Links WordPress Plugin

Did you know you can “create totally readable, easily speakable, and exceptionally memorable short links using your WordPress-based website and domain name?” My guess is you are using bit.ly or another site to create shorter and memorable links. That’s where the Pretty Links WordPress plugin comes in.

how to use pretty links

Why Use Pretty Links?

Let’s say you have a private Facebook group (like my SEO group).

You could give out this URL directly from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1252071074907550/

Or, you could create a Pretty Link and share this: https://www.thevisibilitymethod.com/SEOGroup

Test them! You’ll see they go to the same place! Which one do you think your and your fans will remember more? Which one will look better on social media graphics? That’s right – the Pretty Link.

How To Install Pretty Links

1. In WordPress, go to Plugins / Add New.

2. Search for “Pretty Links.”

3. Click Install Now then Activate.

Note: They have a free version then paid versions of this plugin. I am currently using the free version and find it works great for me. If you are an affiliate for programs or Amazon, you might consider one of their paid options for the advanced features.

How to Create Your First Pretty Link

1. Go to Pretty Links / Add New Link.

2. Find and copy the link you want shortened. In this example I am using my Youtube Channel link. Enter it as the Target URL.

3. Add the text for your “pretty link” after your domain name.

4. You can add a title and notes (optional).

5. Hit create.

how to create a pretty link

That’s all there is to it! Make it easy on yourself and others by creating pretty links that are memorable!

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How to Use Pretty Links WordPress Plugin To Create Custom, Memorable URLs on Your WordPress Site In Minutes


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1 year ago

Thanks for this post, Glenneth. I am excited to try this out!


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