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What is the Importance of Site Speed for SEO?

If you’re not getting as much traffic as you’d like, don’t overlook the importance of site speed. People who come to your site want a fast and easy experience. That means if it takes longer than 3 seconds for your page to load, your users will instantly click away and go somewhere else.

Three seconds! That’s according to Kissmetrics. That’s not much time at all to capture a new lead. 

Your site speed greatly affects sales and conversion rates. If you want more conversions, you have to pay attention to the importance of site speed.
Importance of site speed for SEO

What is Site Speed?

Site speed and page speed are similar but a little bit different.

“Site speed” is the collective speed of several pages on a website. “Page speed” is the speed of how quickly one single page loads on a site. 

They’re similar and you should pay attention to both — either way, the faster the better.

If you want to rank high in Google search, you will need a quick-loading site. Google ranks fast sites better and higher than slow ones. 

Why You Need to Take the Importance of Site Speed Seriously

It Will Hurt Your Search Result Rankings 

One big factor in the importance of site speed is that it strongly affects your SEO. 

Google has already told us that one of the ranking factors they use is page speed. And in 2017, they announced that page speed will receive even more consideration, including how fast your website loads on a mobile device.  Your mobile users want and expect speed, too!

Google will always want to provide the best service possible for its users. So if someone is searching for a certain topic and two different pages have similar content that would both answer their question, Google will show them the page that loads the fastest first.

This makes perfect sense because nobody wants to wait for a slow website!

You’ll Lose Potential Clients & Sales

If you’re in business and selling your products or services, you may already understand the importance of site speed and how it can affect your sales. 

You may have the best services or products on the planet, but if your site is loading too slow, you are most definitely losing sales. Not only does Google (and other search engines) penalize sites that load too slow — your ideal audience doesn’t like it either. 

If your site is too slow, people will either leave before it loads or after just one visit. And they might stop visiting your site permanently! This means they won’t buy anything either. 

Sales and traffic both get lost if your site loads slowly.

What Causes Slow Site Speed?

There are quite a few different things that can affect your site speed: 

  • Ads
  • Cheap hosting
  • Unused Plugins
  • Unused images in the media library
  • Large images
  • Number of pages
  • Old website
  • Different website platforms

Some of these causes are easy fixes and others are more costly.  It can be helpful to have someone guide you through the simplest and easiest ways that you can directly (without hiring someone at high costs) make your site run faster and better!  

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