fbpx 4 Reasons You Need to Be Using Local SEO for Small Business Marketing

4 Reasons You Need to Be Using Local SEO for Small Business Marketing

Your website lets you target people across the globe—the entire online world is at your fingertips. While this is an awesome way to expand your reach, local SEO is also super important. Local SEO for small business focuses on ranking highly in your local area. When you optimize for local SEO, you aim to rank higher in local search results. 
Whether you add a location to the search terms you target, or the search term itself shows local intent, if you own a small local business, you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity and show up where it matters most.  
Here are four reasons you need to start using local SEO for small business marketing.
4 Reasons You Need to Be Using Local SEO for Small Business Marketing | The Visibility Method

You’ll Get More Customers

Local search traffic is actually incredibly powerful for small businesses. In fact, 4 out of 5 consumers search specifically for local information. This means that you need to optimize using local SEO for small business marketing. 
Local SEO helps your business stay relevant and gets your business in front of people who are actively looking for businesses and services like yours, all in your local area. 

Buyers Will Be More Likely to Purchase From You

With local seo for small business, you’re able to reach customers who are primed to buy (and who are actively searching for local businesses). The statistics around local SEO are astounding. 
For example, 78% of local mobile searches converted to an in-store purchase. That’s a huge conversion rate! Another important aspect is physical traffic from that search traffic; local searches actually lead 50% of online searchers to visit the store or business within one day. 
It’s hard to find better-converting traffic outlets than local SEO. Small businesses who opt to take advantage of local SEO expose themselves to more leads and more conversions. 
The way people interact with businesses has changed. Instead of relying mostly on word-of-mouth, people head to Google and search for local businesses to fulfill their needs. 
Beyond that, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You need to focus your SEO efforts on local marketing in order to reach people and positively influence buying decisions. 

Local SEO Helps Increase Your Credibility

Beyond increasing leads and sales, local SEO for small business builds credibility. When your business shows up in local Google searches, it increases your visibility and authenticity. People become more likely to see your business and make a buying decision. 
Even if they’ve already heard of you, seeing your business name pop up in search results or on Google Maps over and over again will increase your brand recognition and build your know, like, trust factor.
Small businesses have an advantage over bigger businesses in the form of local SEO. You’re able to reach specific, targeted audiences and create traffic, leads, and conversions, all with a tool that can’t be accessed by huge corporations. 
Take advantage of local SEO for small business marketing—it’s a great way to reach your customers and build your business. 

Improving Your Local SEO for Small Business Marketing is Free & Easy

If you’re serious about your business, you may want to hire a specialist to help you run Google Ads for an additional boost in traffic and sales. But you certainly don’t have to do that!
The basics of implementing local SEO for small business marketing are easy and completely free.
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A Few Quick Things That Will Help Improve Your SEO

Set Up Your Google My Business Listing

Local SEO starts with your Google My Business listing. This tool is essential for ranking highly for local Google searches. 
A Google My Business listing acts as a second website homepage for you, exposing visitors to key information and offers without them even needing to visit your site. This helps entice potential website visitors, in-person traffic, and conversions. 

Get Good Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always valuable, but for search ranking, they are incredibly important. Google only wants to refer search users to authentic, credible businesses. 
Reviews pack a powerful punch for influencing local SEO for small business marketing. You’ll be able to rank higher and show up more in searches when you have reviews—plus, they demonstrate your business credibility and build trust. 


To improve your local SEO, focus on NAPS: an acronym standing for name, address, and phone. 
These help search engines determine what your business actually is, where it is located, and how people can connect with your business. 
Of course, this information should be on your website, but you should also make sure it’s included in your website footer, the body of some of your website pages, and your Google My Business listing. 

Improving your SEO always helps your business garner traffic, leads, customers, and potential conversions. Instead of only focusing on larger SEO efforts, remember to focus on local SEO for small business marketing, too. 
Local SEO develops valuable connections with highly targeted members of your community. You’ll build credibility and authenticity, all while experiencing tangible results. 

4 Reasons You Need to Be Using Local SEO for Small Business Marketing | The Visibility Method

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