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National Clean Out Your Computer Day

The second Monday of every February is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Personally, I think it is always a good time to clean out your computer, your blog, your phone, and your social media. Check out my suggestions!
National Clean Out Your Computer Day

Clean Up Your Computer

  • Empty your computer's trash
  • Uninstall/Delete unwanted/unused programs
  • Delete files you no longer need
  • Backup your computer (Dropbox, Google Drive, SmugMug (photos), just to name a few)
  • Run a scan of your computer for malware/suspicious files
  • Move files on your desktop screen to their appropriate folders
  • Wipe down your computer with a soft rag
  • Clean your monitor/screen with a microfiber cloth
  • Clean out your downloads folder
  • Clean up your bookmarks
  • Delete old emails
  • Empty email spam and trash

Clean Up Your Blog

  • Make sure your WordPress version is up to date
  • Delete inactive themes
  • Make sure plugins are up to date
  • Delete inactive plugins
  • Test all of your contact forms and opt-ins
  • Empty your spam comment folder
  • Test your nav bar – does everything direct properly
  • Change your admin password
  • Test all links on your home page
  • Make sure you have daily backups setup
  • Empty the blog's trash
  • Delete drafts you no longer need

Clean Up Your Phone

  • Delete old or unwanted photos
  • Running out of space? Move photos to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud
  • Delete unused apps
  • Put apps in folders that make sense for you
  • Wipe your phone off to get rid of makeup, dirt, and germs
  • Set a security code or change it
  • Change the wallpaper

Clean Up Your Social Media

  • Google yourself to see if any listings need to be deleted or changed
  • Remove yourself from unused or unnecessary Facebook groups
  • Review all your social media profiles and update
  • Update out of date profile pictures or logos
  • Change your passwords

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What would you add to these lists?
National clean out your computer day

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