How To Create Your Own Linktree For Instagram

One of the drawbacks of Instagram is you only have one spot to put a clickable link – in your profile. You can put a “swipe up” in your stories – but only if you have over 10,000 followers. You can put the link within feed posts, but users cannot click on it (or even copy it). Ultimately the link in your bio is critical to drive traffic to your website. In the beginning, users were changing the link every time they posted a photo. Then along came a site called Linktree (and other similar sites) which let you create a page of multiple links. The problem with Linktree (and other third-party softwares) is you are sending users to another site and then hoping they click through to your blog. Plus – to have Linktree branded to look like your site, you have to pay monthly. Let me show you how to create your own linktree for Instagram and send people directly from Instagram to your website (and not a third-party site).
how to create your own linktree for instagram

I switched from Linktree to my own insta-links page mid-April 2018.  Check out the increase in my traffic from Instagram from the beginning of the year when I was using Linktree to when I created my own insta-links page on my website:

I went from 3 visits to 69 visits.  (Please note that I don’t use Instagram a ton for business.)  Not only am I getting MORE traffic, but the quality of the traffic is significantly better with visitors seeing almost 2 pages per session and staying on site over 90 seconds.  The bounce rate is also under 50%!

Here’s what my traffic looks like now.  Still seeing quite a few visits from Instagram while not promoting my services that often.

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How To Create Your Own Linktree For Instagram

1. Start with The buttons I created for my old site were 800 x 100 pixels. For my new site, they are 450 x 100 pixels. You may have to experiment to see what works best for yours. Remember that people will be seeing your page on a mobile device so test the preview from your phone, not your computer. You want your buttons to be as easy to read as possible. Here are what a few of my buttons look like:



Using Canva, you can create your buttons to match your brand colors and fonts (you have to pay to customize in Linktree). I have alternated mine with my brand colors.

2. Create a page (not a post) in WordPress (or your blogging platform). Add your buttons and link them to the appropriate page on your site. Linking to a page from an image can be done a couple of ways. When you update and see this screen, put the URL in the Link To box (choose Custom URL).

Or, select the photo and choose Link to in the middle of the screen and choose Custom URL and insert there:

3. Name your page something that gives Instagram users the knowledge that they are going to a page specifically for Instagram users. My page is You want to preview your page on mobile and make sure it is easy to read and usable there. I wouldn’t worry too much about what it looks like on desktop. Another benefit of creating your own page is that users on Instagram see the name of your website and not a third-party site. This helps with your branding.

4. Once you have created and published your page, go to your Instagram settings and change the link to the new page you have created.  You do not need to add this page to your site’s navigation.  The only place you will put this link will be on your Instagram profile.

Voila! You can now change and add buttons any time you want, but you are ALWAYS driving traffic to your site, not a third-party site.

Benefits Of Creating Your Own Linktree:

A  huge benefit of doing this is to get your URL mentioned in the IG profile (name recognition).  Which would you rather people see:


You want to drive people to your website – both from Instagram and when they are thinking about the products and services you sell.  Get your URL out there as much as possible (not someone else’s).

Linktree is promoting the following (with their paid version):

  • A priority link (making it stand out)
  • Email signups
  • Use one of their 15 fonts
  • Background images
  • Scheduled links
  • Priority support
  • Social links
  • Profile customization
  • Remove Linktree branding
  • Link analytics
  • Facebook integration

Why pay for what your website already does?  It will truly take you less than 30 minutes to complete this.  Then you update as necessary.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (and possibly save money).

Examples of How Your Linktree Could Look:

Here’s my IG page (both the old site and new site versions) and insta-links page along with some of my Blogger to Business friends that have done this:

create linktree for instagram

linktree for instagram

how to create linktree for instagram

instagram linktree

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Do you know how to create your own linktree for Instagram now? Any questions? I would love to help. Just shoot me an email at

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