fbpx How to Use Strong Ad Copy to Develop the Best Google Ads

How to Use Strong Ad Copy to Develop the Best Google Ads

Working with Google Ads means keeping up with lots of changes and adapting to new best practices. But there’s one thing you should always focus on when creating effective ads. No matter what changes occur with digital marketing and advertising, ad copy is essential to creating great ads that convert. 
Without effective ad copy, your ads will never generate the results you’re looking for. Luckily, there are some specific ways to make your ad copy better than ever. 
In today’s post, you’ll learn: 

  • What ad copy is
  • Why it’s important
  • Essential components of good ad copy
  • Tips for writing better ad copy

Let’s dive in! 

What Is Ad Copy, Anyway? 

Ad copy has a specific goal of getting readers to take some desired action. In it, you likely answer questions and respond to objections while trying to entice viewers to take a specific action. 
In short, ad copy is a type of sales-driven copy that addresses purchase features and benefits, along with customer objections, to drive sales, clicks, or other results. 
It helps you communicate with a new audience and, concisely, try to create some sort of impact. 

Why Is Ad Copy Important? 

Ad copy is essential because its goal is to increase conversion rates and profits. How do you do this, though? 
When you want to make your business more profitable, you can focus on: 

  • Boosting web traffic to sales pages
  • Increasing the value of products or services
  • Or increasing the percentage of your web visitors who become customers (your conversion rate)

Ad copy helps you boost profitability by increasing your conversion rate. When you write strong ad copy, you highlight the best parts of a product or service, packaging that content in an appealing, clickable way. 
Without understanding how to write compelling ad copy, you will miss out on prospective customers, conversions, and sales. It's one of the main make-or-break parts of how your ads perform. When you invest in advertising, give yourself the best chances of success by implementing the best practices. 
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Essential Components of Good Ad Copy

Okay, so now you know why strong ad copy is essential, but now what? Let’s break down the three main components so that you can tackle each one on its own. 
You probably already know that keywords are super important for Google Ads. They are also part one of creating your ad copy. 
Place your keyword or keyword phrase as close to the beginning of your ad copy as possible. Make sure to include your keyword in the ad headline—searchers tend to skim results for those keywords they are looking for to see what’s relevant. 
Next up, you need to showcase the benefit and value of your offering or product. To make your ads stand out, go beyond just features and instead showcase benefits. 
What’s the difference? A feature is literally what something does, but a benefit is how it will impact that person and their life. With benefits, you appeal to emotional needs and uncertainties, striving to fulfill some needs within their life. 
The third essential component of ad copy is the call to action (CTA). You have to ask your customers and visitors to take the desired action, and the same applies to your ads. 
Make sure to place your CTA in line 2 of your ad description to make the most impact on ad viewers. You can use general or more targeted, specific CTAs. See what generates the best results for you based on your audience!

How to Write Effective Ad Copy: 5 Tips

Although you should follow basic best practices for all of your ads, here are a few tips and best practices to help you write compelling ad copy. 

Include Numbers or Stats in Headlines

One of the most effective strategies is including numbers or statistics, especially in headlines. However, be sure to do this carefully—although numbers are useful, they don’t overshadow the need for your copy to highlight the quality of your product or service. Weave both together for the best results. 

Make Sure to Appeal to Customer Needs or Goals

People search for things that they want and need and click on ads to fulfill those needs or solve their problems. To write effective ad copy, you should try to mirror the customer’s goals and needs. 
Instead of only focusing on keywords and standard messaging, get specific and hone in on what the customer is looking for and how you’ll help them achieve it. 
What do people ultimately want from your product or service? Make sure to include that in your copy! You’ll be sure to stand out from your competitors. 

Focus On Narrowing Down Your Clicks

One important feature of Google Ads is writing copy that actually disqualifies people to save money on a click. When you write your ad copy, you should include specific information that qualifies or disqualifies people from clicking on that ad. 
For example, if your pricing starts at a certain amount, sometimes it is good to include that. Or, if you only sell to businesses (and not individuals), that's important to note. 
You want the person searching to read the ad and say, “yes, that's for me!” or “no, that's not the one for me.” This will save you time and money by eliminating clicks that don’t actually meet the right qualifications for your offer, product, or service. 

Use Time-Relevant Phrasing

Writing your copy in a timely, relevant way helps keep things exciting, engaging, and specific. The more specific you are, especially with timing and numbers, the more believable you become, and the more results your ad will generate. 

Keep Your Copy Personal and Use Voice

Things should be personal in ads but targeted to customers. The best pronoun to use in your copy is “you.” Craft your copy to include the “you” power word and boost your ad performance. 
Try adding “you” to your headline and description, and weave it into your benefit descriptions to help customers relate to your ad. 

Place Your Best Copy at the Beginning

You should write your best copy at the beginning of the ad. Since more people than ever before are searching on mobile devices, you have limited space to make an impact and generate interest. 
Ensure your best copy is present in the first two headlines and the first line of the description. Keep that messaging compelling to make sure users see your best information first! 

Keywords and a massive ad budget won’t generate sales or results unless you have compelling, well-crafted ad copy to go along with it. Ad copy doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. When you break it down to its most essential parts, it’s simple to write compelling ad copy. 
Google Ads is the perfect way to get in front of prospects who are ACTIVELY searching for the product or services you sell. With compelling ad copy, you can see results almost immediately. 
I’m here to help you! As a Certified Google Ads professional, I can help you create and manage effective ads to grow your business without stress. Download my Visibility Workbook today!

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