fbpx What is Google Ads Dynamic Prospecting (and How to Use It)?

What is Google Ads Dynamic Prospecting (and How to Use It)?

Google Ads is one of the most powerful ways to reach your customers and promote your products or services. It lets you capitalize on the overwhelming number of searches that happen daily on Google, and you can quickly increase traffic and potential conversions. Specifically, Google Dynamic Prospecting is an incredible feature of Google Ads! 

In this post, you’ll learn what Google Ads dynamic prospecting even is, how it differs from dynamic remarketing, how it works, and why you should be using it. Let’s dive right in! 
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What is Google Ads Dynamic Prospecting? 

Dynamic prospecting combines user information and product information to create targeted advertising prospects. Basically, with dynamic prospecting, your ads will show the best product at the right time to the users who are most interested in that specific product! Cool, right? 

With prospecting, your ads will reach new potential customers who are primed to make a purchase or take action with your business. 

Dynamic prospecting with Google Ads is an accurate and specific way to reach potential users, segment your audience, and tailor ads to the best possible products and people at the right times! 

How is Dynamic Prospecting Different From Dynamic Remarketing?

Dynamic remarketing focuses on the “warmer” audience within your sales funnel. Basically, remarketing lets you advertise to people who have already visited your website or used your app on mobile. 
Dynamic prospecting is a bit different. Instead of targeting people who are already aware of your business, it helps you acquire brand-new customers! This means that dynamic prospecting is incredibly important if you’re new to advertising or you’re targeting a new audience for your existing business. 
Plus, dynamic prospecting will help you grow your audience beyond its current reach. 

How Does Dynamic Prospecting Work?

I’m sure all of this sounds great, but you’re probably wondering how this process works. 
Not to mention how much additional work it’ll be for you—I know you’re already busy doing a lot of other things for your business! The good news is that dynamic prospecting is pretty easy to implement. You actually don’t have to do much on your end! 

It takes your existing ads and uses machine learning to make them better. This is basically Google’s ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. This machine learning allows Google to understand what potential buyers are searching for and connect them with businesses like yours that will help them out.

Once Google knows what a specific user is searching for, the search engine combines that “buying intent” with demographic information about the user (like age, gender, and even household income). Then, it matches the user up with a product in your advertising feed. 

Don’t worry about whether or not the product will be a great match. Google actually evaluates all of the products in your product feed for performance, relevance, and more to make sure that they actually will catch the search user’s attention and hopefully convert to sales down the line. 

Who Should Be Using This?

Anyone who is running Google Display Ads and has a product feed! All you have to do is link your product feed with a display campaign and follow the directions below. Dynamic prospecting helps you connect with new users on a tailored level. So it’s an important feature for every business to take advantage of! 

Instead of showing product ads based on what a visitor has already viewed on your site, dynamic prospecting shows products to people based on their past interaction on Google and other websites. This helps you expand your reach. 

By serving up customized, specific, and relevant products from your feed, Google helps you connect with customers. This will allow you to build trust and expand your audience to include new customers. Since this tool shows product recommendations that are most likely to generate conversions, it’s worth it for every business owner using Google Ads to try it out. 

How to Add Dynamic Prospecting to Your Campaign

You can add Dynamic Prospecting to any current Google Ads campaign by going under “Additional Settings” in your campaign. Click on the drop-down under “Dynamic Ads”. Make sure to select the option to “use a data feed for personalized ads.”

 It’s a fairly simple process, especially if you’re already registered with Google Ads! If you’re just getting started with Google Ads, check out my 7-step guide to Google Ads — it makes the whole process super simple. 

If you’re planning to try out the dynamic prospecting feature, I recommend creating a brand new display campaign. This lets you get more specific insights. You'll be able to see exactly how the dynamic prospecting feature is bringing in new customers for your business. That way, you’ll know whether it’s effective and worth continuing to use in the future. 

Dynamic prospecting helps you connect with new users in a powerful way. Unlike dynamic remarketing, you’re able to expand your audience beyond existing customers. Plus, it’s an incredibly dynamic tool, meaning the system learns and adjusts as you work with it. 

Google Ads doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and dynamic prospecting helps you reach your audience without the headaches. If you’re ready to get started with running Google Ads for your business and could use a little help, I’m here for you! Google Ads is one of my passions, and I’d love to help eliminate stress while helping your business grow. 

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