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8 Blogging Tools Worth Paying For

8 Blogging Tools Worth Paying For

One of the questions I hear all the time from bloggers is - what should I be paying for? So, I wanted to share my 8 blogging tools worth paying for. I have excluded domain name registration (a given) and hosting (as this can vary greatly). Many of these tools will work for you regardless of what platform you blog on (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.). 8 Blogging Tools Worth Paying...

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6 Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

6 Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

As a blogger who uses WordPress and as someone whose company develops their clients' websites in WordPress, I have a few tried and true plugins that I use and recommend. From SEO to security to social sharing, these are the 6 best WordPress plugins for bloggers that will help your blog gain visibility while protecting it from spam and hackers. 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers Free Plugins The following...

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