How to Schedule Your Blog on Social Media for Maximum Traffic + Reach

You’ve written a fabulous post, optimized for SEO and hit publish. You promote once on all your social media channels. Don’t stop there. Publishing and promoting the same day is not enough. You need to publish your post multiple times on all your channels for six months after publishing. Your readers are flooded with tons of social media daily and chances of them seeing your post if you only promote it once are slim. The more often you share your post, the more chances it has to be shared and viewed.

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Read what Erin has to say about my SEO & Analytics Workshop and this blog post promotion scbedule:

Glenneth’s SEO and Analytics Workshop was so helpful! She is extremely knowledgeable, yet is able to explain information in a simple, easy to understand way. Her videos and screen shots were key in understanding certain concepts, as opposed to just reading an article. I also really value her cheat sheet on how often and where to promote posts. Thank you Glenneth!

Erin W.

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