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Squoosh Images To A Smaller Size

My longtime followers know that I preach image optimization.  In fact, I have a post 6 tips for SEO image optimization that I continually update.  Today I want to talk about how you can squoosh images to a smaller size with a new tool called Squoosh by Google.  This new web tool lets you compress and reformat pics quickly and easily online.  Squoosh works in any browser (not just Google Chrome).  The app supports a bunch of image formats, including OptiPNG, MozJPG, WebP, Browser PNG, JPG, and WebP.  Many of which you have probably never heard of (and really don't need to know).
squoosh by google
Most of us work with either stock images or images from our phone/DSLR.  I will be using a stock photo from Haute Stock.  The photo I am starting with is 3.4 MB.  I wouldn't typically upload a full-size image, but am for purposes of this blog post.  Here is the original (3.4MB):

To upload your photo to Squoosh, open the app in any browser and then drag your image or click on “select an image.”  (Interesting note – I am using Squoosh to compress my screenshots for this post.)
The first thing once uploaded to do is resize the photo.  Check out this video to see how I determine the size my images should be.  Once you know how wide your photos should be – enter that and it will automatically adjust the height if maintain aspect ratio is selected (which is what you want).  I am selecting Browser JPEG under compress with quality of approximately 0.75 for this blog post.  I did some tests with other quality ratings and you could probably do 100 and still have a very small filesize.
The screenshot I am currently optimizing started at 5.64MB and after resizing and compression is 32KB.
squoosh app in action
Depending on the size of the file uploaded, you will need to click the ‘-‘ sign (bottom center) a few times to see your entire photo.
squoosh app image resizer
To save to your computer, click on the blue down arrow in the lower right-hand corner.  Here is the final photo sized at 23 KB.  See what a huge difference in file size?  3.4MB vs 23KB.  That's huge when you think about 100s and 1000s of photos on your blog and trying to keep site speed 4 seconds or under.
resized stock image by squoosh
And the full-size photo again:

Yes, you have lost a little quality – but I played around with different quality settings and compression styles and it is hardly noticeable (and will depend on your original photo).
How To Squoosh Images To A Smaller Size:

It is super important to Squoosh your images to a smaller size – regardless of what tool you use.  Thankful that Google has released something so easy to use that doesn't require a download, password, or cost a monthly fee.  I wish there were a way to rename the file at the same time as downloading the new image, but that option doesn't appear to be available at this time.
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As a reminder, check out 6 tips for SEO image optimization for ALL the steps you need to take to optimize your photos for SEO.
How do you squoosh images to a smaller size?

Squoosh your images to a smaller size

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Sara @ The Holy Mess
3 years ago

I’m learning so much from your site! I’m taking a crash self-taught course in photos for websites because mine are tanking my site speed. Thanks for the help!


[…] Typically DSLR and smartphone photos are 3.0ish MB in size (or larger). You really want the file size to be 500 KB or smaller (best case is 150 KB or smaller) BEFORE you upload. Don’t depend on plugins to “smush your file.” Uploading a 3.0 MB file to your WordPress puts a 3.0 MB file on the backend of your site and server. Photos are the number one reason for slow site speed (which is a SEO ranking factor). Programs I use to resize my photos: Lightroom, PixelMator (a Mac specific app), and Canva.com are my favorite. New tool for resizing photos:  Squoosh by Google […]

Dan Thompson
2 years ago

This was SUPER helpful. As a photographer, I’m always obsessing about how images look on my site and trying to balance that with load times. I’ve been thinking lately that the images on my site don’t look great any more, and then I started messing around with Squoosh, and they started looking even WORSE (even though after Squooshing them, they looked fine just on my PC)! This caused me to start digging around in my site settings and I found not 1, not 2, but 3 different things trying compress / resize images! So annoying! There were two plugins (Jetpack and a hosting specific one) that had recently updated and added this as a feature… and turned it on by default (thanks tho!). On top of this, I found that WordPress itself was compressing the images too, so I turned all this off and started fresh with Squoosh. MUCH BETTER.
In playing around with Squoosh, what I found was that using the MozJPEG compression and setting quality to 75 – 80 worked best for my images. When playing with the sliders, where I noticed issues first were in the fine details (they’d get a little soft) and in the shadows (they’d get a little blocky). Using 75 – 80 on quality yielded results that I thought were good for web viewing, and reduced the size of the image file by 80-85%, which is awesome. Here’s an example of several images, all Squooshed to the settings mentioned above: https://danandholly.com/2018/12/top5-2018/
Good stuff! This motivated me to fix something that had been nagging me for weeks, and I ended up with a better solution all around.

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